Breakthrough Technologies

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Éditeur : GINKGO
Collection : Prospective

220 pages
Format : 12 x 20
Façonnage : carré/collé

Langue d'origine : Chinois (France)

Parution : 15 septembre 2017

EAN : 9782846792905
ISBN : 978-2-84679-290-5

Breakthrough Technologies

et Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN (Auteur·trice de la préface)

This book is based on the two days of study that the Prospective and Innovation Foundation devoted to breakthrough technologies.
The first is that disruptive technologies, born of the digital revolution or associated with it, are presently combining to cut across a fundamental qualitative threshold, ushering in the era of the augmented Anthropocene and, in due course, a history that will give artificial intelligence and human prostheses an increasing edge over humanity itself.
The second is that this forecast has already been fulfilled, insofar as all the conditions are already in place and leading to rapid advances – even as our ability to anticipate or even to conceive of their economic, social, geopolitical and mental impacts is still lagging far behind. Herein lies the challenge awaiting humanity.
The third is that, in order to face this coming shock, every intelligence and every force must be prepared to convene and, as far as possible, to work in concertation.