37 bridges of Paris

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Éditeur : MAGELLAN & CIE
Collection : Coups de crayon

72 pages
Format : 27 x 21
Façonnage : relié

Parution : 1 octobre 2006

EAN : 9782350740638
ISBN : 978-2-35074-063-8

37 bridges of Paris

Walk over the bridges, footbridges ans viaducs along the Seine and the canal Saint-Martin. Claude Agnelli, an interior designer, has been drawing and sketching for a long time. He has travelled the world over, designing stands at fairs on behalf of the leading French companies. The 37 bridges of Paris in this book were sketched by Claude Agnelli in his free time, and have enabled him to express his admiration for all these monumental structures and their designers : architects, engineers, sculptors, decorators…